Rockin Mama with Soundfreaq #sponsored

Mama is rockin in the kitchen and in her office with her very own Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2! What is this you ask? I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 to facilitate my review. This is my new toy...again I repeat...this is my new toy!

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 is a bluetooth wireless speaker system which allows me to easily rock out to my smart phone tunes in my kitchen and in my home office. I feel extremely spoiled owning this device. Do you want to know my favorite features?

Oh dear Soundfreaq how do I love thee?
  • You are black, sleek and absolutely beautiful. 
  • You are Bluetooth Wireless so no plugs are required for me to rock out!
  • You have a little tray for my phone so that I can keep it off of the kitchen table when I'm prepping food.
  • You have a USB charging port (2 actually) so my phone and/or iPad can easily charge while I'm listening to my tunes with easy access port.
  • You play my music, radio music, TV shows, and more without missing a beat!
  • Your sound is beautiful, crisp and clean with perfect acoustic balance no matter how loud I turn you! You are so perfect that my teen music major and rockin' hubby loves you. We'll have to talk about this since you are my new toy and not their new toy. 
  • My family loves your DSS- Dual System Streaming which allows 2 Sound Platform 2 systems to be paired together to work as one speaker system to fill a large room with the same perfect sound.
  • You are so easy to use that it took me 20 seconds from removing from box to get you to work.
  • You are mine, all mine!
Yes, I'm in love with my new piece of technology. It allows this mama to rock as much as I want and when I want! Besides all the above I love you features, this powerhouse was the EASIEST ever sound system I have ever used. Want to know how easy?
  • I plugged in the machine
  • Turned on the power
  • Clicked the bluetooth button
  • Clicked the pair button on the system
  • Clicked the enable bluetooth device on my smartphone
  • Started to ROCK! 
 Easy peasy is what I love the most about my new toy! Is this something you could rock out to?

If you want to see what others think of this system check out Soundfreaq Facebook page! I love following brands on Facebook, how about you? 

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  1. Oh I have never heard of this...sounds like something I Would LOVE to have ...and easy enough for even ME To use! LOL!


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