{Summer Drink Recipe} Orange Rosemary Shakerato

I always think of an orange as a winter fruit but when it comes to adding them into frozen drinks they make tasty summer drink recipes. Don't you agree? Oranges are so fresh, sweet and vibrant and go so well with ice. This drink recipe includes rosemary, which I love for the freshness it adds to recipes.

Orange Rosemary Shakerato  


1 teaspoon orange zest
A tiny sprig of rosemary
1 tablespoon simple syrup
Cocktail shaker


1-Put syrup, zest and rosemary leaves in the bottom of a cup.
2-Pull espresso on top.
3-Stir and add to a cocktail shaker packed with ice.
4-Shake vigorously and strain.

Kitchen Notes:
1-Shakeratos are awesome. Short, cold and foamy, they are as perfect a summer time drink as exists. You can do lots of different variants of the shakerato, but this one is to herald the coming of warm weather. Orange and rosemary are vibrant flavors with aromatics to suit such a short, flavorful drink. 
2-You can substitue strong coffee for the espresso.

With the temperature outside rising, take your morning (or afternoon) pick-me-up and add some ice! To add a little adventure to your average coffee lineup, try out some new and refreshing mix-ups from KRUPS. Charles Babinski, KRUPS Brand Ambassador, offers insight and recipes into some of the best chilled drinks perfect for cooling down during the recent heat waves.

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