{February 13} National 'Italian Food' Day Recipes #ItalianFoodDay

How appropriate to have a National Italian Food Day right before Valentines Day! How many of you think of love, Paris, Italy, Spaghetti, Pizza and more around this time of the year? One of my favorite Italian desserts is Tiramisu. I made this recipe a few years back for a friend's birthday. Here is my version of tiramisu and a few other "Italian Food" ideas to make your sweet love or even for yourself on Valentine's Day!

Italian recipes

Kahlua Tiramisu - click over to get the recipe with step by step photos!
Italian Tiramisu recipes

Scallopine with Peppers, Mushrooms and Tomatoes - This is so tasty!

Italian Recipes

Herb Frittata - This bread smells mouth-watering

Italian Bread recipes

Pasta with Matriciana Sauce - Honestly I could eat this once a week! 

Matriciana Sauce recipe

Italian Sub Salad - Kids love making and eating this one.

Pasta Salad recipes

Antipasto - Never found a plate I didn't love.

antipasto recipes

Easy Spaghetti and Meatballs - Our family favorite recipe!

easy spaghetti meatball recipe

Lazy Lasagna - Yes please! The recipe had me at lazy :)

easy lasagna recipe

Focaccia - Family favorite homemade bread!

Focaccia Bread recipes

Affogato - Yummy espresso drink!

So what are some of your favorite Italian foods? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! If you have some on your blog, feel free to share the links so that I can come visit! That's Amore! 

Italian Recipes

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