Country Hearts four COFFEE scented Tarts GIVEAWAY

Have you ever smelled something and just couldn't wait to eat it? Your mouth starts watering and your mind is imagining the taste that is about to pass the tongue? That is how I felt when I opened up the package of Country Heart Wax Tarts in 4 yummy scents! I had to triple check that these were not edible!!!!

Pam from CountryHeartGifts over at ETSY has some really great Bath and Body products! She says, " Scented Bath & Body products don't have to be harsh or drying. In fact, many can serve a duel purpose and leave you with a wonderful fragrance while nurishing your skin with natural butters and/or oils."

According to her bio, she has "always loved scented bath & body items and started creating them in my mom's kitchen as a teen, mostly using what ever she had in the cupboards and fridge, and making quite the mess. Now that I'm much older and no longer working full time outside of my home, turning my love of bath & body items into a business made sense. So in 2005 Country Heart was born."

Pam states this about her products,

"I don't use alcohol or harsh chemicals in my products, and they are gentle enough for just about everyone. However; some people do have allergies or sensitivities to certain things, so reading the ingredients in each product is always the best place to start. Second would be to contact me if you have any questions about a product or ingredient and I will do my very best to answer any question you may have. Also, regarding Essential Oils…if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult with your doctor before using any product containing essential oils. "

I love how she knows her product! She has full disclosure on what is used. She is very helpful and concerned about who is buying her products. I didn't realize that nursing or pregnant moms should contact their doctor before using Essential Oils!
She has a list of clays and essential oils that she uses what they claim to do! I really love this and decided to post it here:

Anise Seed Oil is said to be an antiseptic and a stimulant

Bentonite Clay is said to have healing and detoxifying properties
Carrot Seed is said to be fantastic for skin care (revitalizing and toning) and considered one of the best Essential Oils for Mature Skin. It is said that carrot seed oil also assists in removing toxin and water build up in the skin giving it a fresher more firmer appearance.

Charcoal is believed to absorb impurities from the skin.
Green tea extract is said to help repair the effects of aging and environmental factors, and said to help heal and soothe the skin.

Honey which is a humectant, which attracts and retains moisture. It is also said that honey acts as an anti-irritant, making it great for sensitive skin.

Lavender is said to have the ability to remove nervous tension, relieve pain and disinfect. Many find the scent soothing and relaxing.

Lemon is said to be an antiseptic, astringent, and bactericidal oil

Lime is said to be an antiseptic, antiviral, restorative oil

Pink Koalin Clay is believed to have the power of drawing out impurities and removing toxins from the skin. Clays in soap makes for a smooth and silky soap. It is a gentle clay, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Tea Tree oil is considered to be an, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal oil.

Tomato is said to help maintain the skin's pH balance while helping oily conditions, refine enlarged pores, and provide soothing relief for troubled complexions

Spearmint is said to be an anesthetic, antiseptic, decongestant, expectorant, stimulant and an astringent.

Sweet Orange is said to be an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, fungicidal and stimulating oil.
4 Country Heart Tarts in the scents of Caramel Toffee, Hazelnut Coffee & Cream, Irish Mocha and Coffee & Gingerbread (remember don't eat them)

1) You must visit her store and come back here and post a product other than the yummy tarts above that you would buy for yourself!

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