Womenomics Review and Giveaway

Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success
by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay
Published by Harper BusinessAlign Left

How to Stop Juggling and Struggling and Finally Start Living and Working the Way You Really Want

From FSB Associates:

You are not alone. Finally here is a book that gets to the heart of what professional women want. You've probably been loath to admit, but like most of us, you have had enough of the sixty-hour workweeks, the day-care dash, and the vacations that never get taken. You don't want to quit, you want to work -- but on your own terms and in ways that make it possible to have a life as well.
Women have power. In Womenomics, journalists Shipman and Kay deal in facts, not stereotypes, providing a fresh perspective on the largely hidden power that women have in today's marketplace. Why? Companies with more women managers are more profitable. Women do more of the buying. A talent shortage looms. Younger generations want to work flexibly, too. It all adds up to a workplace revolution that is great news for professional women -- not to mention men and businesses as well. As Brenda Barnes, CEO of Sara Lee, notes: "Companies need to recognize that this kind of flexibility offers employees the ability to manage and balance their own careers and lives, which in turn improves productivity and employee moral." This new way of thinking and working is all the more valuable in a recession, as companies begin offering flexible schedules, four-day workweeks, and extended vacations as a way to avoid layoffs, save costs, and still reward employees.
It is personal. Womenomics does more than marshal the evidence of this historic shift. It also shows women how to redefine success, be productive, and build satisfying careers that don't require an all-or-nothing lifestyle. Most appealing are the candid personal anecdotes from Shipman's and Kay's own experiences and the stories they have gathered from professional women around the country who are coping with the same issues.
It is possible. Shipman and Kay don't waste time on what women can't do or can't have. Instead, they show women how to chart an empowering, exhilarating course to a richer life. Inspiring, practical, and persuasive, Womenomics offers a groundbreaking blueprint for changing they way you live and work -- with advice, guidance, and fact-based support that proves you don;t have to do it all to have it all.

What a jammed packed book full of information. It made me think about:

1. Write your own rules for success: For me it would be caring for my family and blogging. Time to jot down some goals and rules that I want to follow. It made me think about what type of jobs I can have while being at home caring for my family.

2. How to Stop Juggling and Struggling and Finally start Living and Working the Way You Really Want: By following the rules and goals that I set I will be happier, my family will be happier and we will have some working order and start seeing our success.

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  1. There are several books from there that I'd like to read, but The World According to Twitter caught my eye the most. :)

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  2. I entered the coffee earrings giveaway.

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  5. Giveaway over~ not used since the winner won by a landslide! Congrats "Miss Anita"!!! Email me your address. (arteachersusan at gmail dot com)


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