Got Free Ecards? I do! Win Amazon Gift Card!!

How much do you think it cost to send an email card from GOT-FREE-ECARDS???? I will give you 3 choices and tell me which one you think it is. 1) Free 2) $1 for shipping 3) Free but at check out they say $.99. IF YOU GUESSED FREE then you are SMART! Don't miss out! Click now!
Do you know someone celebrating a birthday soon? Would you like to send them a card that is FREE?? It is super quick and personalized and you don't have to register! If so click NOW!
What if you want to make a card and print it off? If you plan last minute like my husband then you will want to use this service. You can quickly make a card and even use your own photos! I bet you think this is going to cost you a lot! How much do you think that cost? FREE!

Do you like to send cards for Halloween and Christmas? Go see what other holidays hey have!! Do you want to pay $.00 to send them? Then click now!!!!

My favorite section of cards were the COLOR YOUR OWN CARDS!!! How awesome is that? You can print a black and white card and then color it! How fun for your child to print off a card and then color it!
Thanks to GOT-FREE-Ecards for sponsoring this post! I'm so happy to have found a FREE email card making site!
WIN $15 Amazon Gift Card!! Thanks to Sam at
TO ENTER: (this has to be done to be entered)

1) Go visit Go-Free-Ecards and send me one in my email (arteachersusan at gmail dot com). Come back here and tell me that you sent me one. (1 entry)

BONUS ENTRIES (remember do all, one or none and leave separate comments for each entry!)

2) Send out up to 10 cards to others and come back here and tell me that you did for each one and which category you used. (1 entry per card sent up to 10 cards)

3) Read my review on Dolce Gusto and YOU MUST leave a comment there and come back here and claim your (10 entries!!!) by writing "I read the Dolce Gusto review"

4) Tweet my link & say "I use Got-Free-Ecards! You can to! Enter to win $15 AMAZON Gift Card!"

5) Set up Birthday reminders on Got-Free-Ecards (1 entry per birthday entered- up to 20 entries)

6) ENTER any of my current giveaways! All are on right side bar! (5 entries per giveaway entered) Come back and comment here on what you entered.

7)Follow me on twitter @susieqtpie

8)Print off a card and come back here and tell me which one you did! (5 entries)

9) Add your blog link to the top MckLinky (5 entry per blog)

10)Add my Blog Button to your blog (5 entry per button)

11) NEW ENTRY! EARN 10 entries if you go enter or comment on my Giveaway on The Homeschool Messenger!!!!

Giveaway ends August 28th!
Winner will have 48 hours to contact me. Please supply email address at least one time in comments.

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