Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single Serve Coffee Review

**Have you ever taken a drink of something and said " that hits the spot!"

**Have you ever taken in a smell that made you think "I could smell that all day long?" I felt that way when I first smelled and drank a cup of coffee from my

This machine and coffee was sent to me for a review. Thanks Michelle! I was thrilled to get the machine and do the review. What I didn't count on was that I would fall MADLY in LOVE with it!!!! Am I overly dramatic? Perhaps but you have to understand that besides drinking fun coffees I love fun coffee toys to play with! I love trying different coffees! I never drink the same coffee two days in a row.

So here is the QVC show demoing this machine. I strongly suggest that you watch it. I agree with everything that is said in this video. After viewing I will share a few of my favorite things about it!!!

So what did you think? Here is my take on the machine:

*The smell and the taste of the coffee on the first cup was very rich! I really thought that it came from a coffee shop. The coffee that is used in the capsules is made of premium 100% Arabica pure coffee beans. After my first cup of latte macchiato I was almost hooked!

*I love all the capsule flavors! They are espresso, caffe lungo
(regular, mild and decaf) , cappuccino, choccocino (no coffee just pure sweet hot chocolate), mocha, latte macchiato and cappuccino ice. They sent me all the flavor and I have tried them all. I feel like I'm in a real coffee shop in my own kitchen! The machine has over 15 bars of pressure, which is more than a lot of professional coffee houses (that's what gives you the nice, thick foam and to extract the full flavor of the beans).
*I was disappointed a tad with my brews because I didn't think that the coffee was hot enough. This would be a personal issue with me because I love hot coffee. Sometimes I order it extra hot at coffee shops. WELLLLLL Guess what? I wasn't waiting for it to get warmed up before using it. The QUICK START said to "push power button, wait until light stops flashing" and then brew. I read that as "keep holding the button until it stops flashing." That was usually for 5 seconds.
WELL after watching the QVC video I realized that it was MY HUMAN ERROR. On QVC, she pushed in the button and let go. It took about 20 seconds and then she brewed her cup! I didn't believe it! SO I ran to the machine, put in an espresso capsule and tried it out! HOT COFFEE!!! I knew that this was true love!*I love the fun design. It fits in great with my coffee machine collection! It will be a sure hit when I have some friends over to share the brew.
*DO you have this machine???

*IF not go to Nescafe DolceGusto and read more about the machine.

*Remember that you too can enjoy cafe quality coffee, taste and smell for only .50 - $1 per cup!

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NestlĂ©® believes that the unique design of the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto™ system produces the highest quality coffee, as good as, or better than, coffee from any of its competitors and from coffeehouse machines-in your own kitchen, whenever you're in the mood for a smooth cappuccino, latte, or regular cup of Joe!
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