Crazy and Real Back To School Supplies

I've had a few "public/private" school parents say, "Oh you are so lucky that you don't have to buy back to school supplies since you just homeschool!" When people say this it always gives me a chuckle! It just shows that we say things at times without thinking first!!!

OK so this is the crazy list of back to school supplies we use at our home"school"...

1) We require this here washboard for music class.

2) The children do all their work on chalk board

3) Kids get their own food every day.

4) They all have a blackberry.

All joking aside, homeschool students do use the same supplies! We just don't buy new ones every year. We buy them as they are needed.

Here are a few of our favorites supplies and some ways we use them:

1) We love our little hand held GPS. Great for our geography lessons in Aruba.

2) We love Science class! Great to learn about the weather as it is happening! We go outside to explore nature, get wet in the rain and see what little creatures are out there waiting for us.

3) School books are purchased and used. Reading is required! How fun to take the books out on the porch and read in the natural light!

4) Coloring pencils are a must! Art is wonderful and we could do it all day. We even go to the University in our area to do ART!

5) PE for Emily is Tae Kwon Do.

6) Music class can be these wonderful chimes, clarinet, piano, harmonica and any other instrument we are interested in. Sometimes we just make our own (we don't own a washboard but I bet that would be fun to play with!)
7) Oh yes everyone wants the latest and greatest paper, folders, pencil cases,etc
8) Of course we have to have our Laptops!

9) A dress is required when it is time for Homeschool Prom.

10) It isn't required but some students even have a class pet.
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