PUR Flavor Options review and giveaway

Thanks to PUR's PR Rep. Lindsay through The Product Review Place for giving me the opportunity to try out this product on my family and offer one for a giveaway for a lucky reader!

Raise your hand if you buy bottled water? How about flavored water packets? Would you like a filtered water pitcher for your fridge that also includes flavors? Thanks to PUR Water filtration system's new Flavor Options you can have just that! This innovative product was voted PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2009 for Consumer Survey of Products Innovation!

We buy bottle water because the kiddos think that our water taste like the local lake. I think it smells like the lake but the taste doesn't seem to bother me. What concerns me the most is that if it taste and smells like the lake how clean is it?

I've never done a water sample test. I was told to try the “white washcloth test”. It is where you wrap a white washcloth around your faucet with a rubber band and let it run for five minutes. It’s basically a yuck-factor test because, depending on how old your pipes are,
it can be kind of gross at the end.

PUR water filter pitchers
reduces many of the pharmaceuticals found in U.S. tap water. I was grossed out to find out the 5 different categories of medicine these filters reduce up to 96%! What about the other categories of medicines?? I know PUR is on the forefront working to reduce this waste in our tap water.

*The categories of medications include: Hormones (like prednisone, progesterone, testosterone), Antibiotics (tablet and IV forms), Antidepressants (used to treat depressio
n and other mental/mood disorders) Anti-anxiety (used to relieve nervousness or tension) and Painkillers (ibuprofen and naproxen).

The PUR pitcher also removes 98% of le
ad and reduces many other water contaminants yet keeps in the fluoride! The filter is a 2-Stage filtration and removes twice as many contaminants as the Brita water pitcher.

You can save over $600 a year by using the PUR system too! Two thumbs up here on saving money! I really didn't mind buying the bottled water for my family because they would drink it. I didn't mind
using it in my coffee pot. What I didn't care about was spending the money for it and then tossing the bottles.

To find out that the average savings of using the PUR pitcher is 1/10th the cost of buying bottled water I no longer felt a need to buy the bottled water. The girls have been filling up their bottles from home too. This pitcher also has a built in indicator to let me know when to chang
e the filter!!! This is a really cool feature!Last but not least on our family review is the new Flavor Options! We do love flavored water. Each cartridge is for up to 75 servings and doesn't contain dyes, sugar or calories. We tried the lemon, raspberry and peach. I keep checking my store for the grape. No one liked the lemon in my house. We aren't big lemon water drinkers so I'm assuming that is the reason. I've read other reviews and they loved the lemon. The raspberry and peach were the best so far! I personally didn't have this problem but a few of the girls said that they tasted a little bit of the flavoring when just drinking the plain water if someone used the flavor cartridge right before they poured their water. I tried this myself with the peach and raspberry and didn't get the flavoring.

OK so do you want to WIN one of these???

To enter: Go to PUR Water Filtration Flavor options and come back here and tell me something about the product. Please leave your email addy so I can contact you if you win!

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