Art Bellies Pocket iTunes App Review

Finally – An Art App For Families 
Turn family photos into fine works of art with Art Bellies Pocket

Boston, MA.  22, 2011 (provided) – Most famous artists trace. Some use tracing paper. Others use projectors and light boxes. But everyone has his or her own version of the trick. It is much easier to make art from outlines and shapes rather than from starting with a blank canvas.

This is the simple beauty behind Art Bellies Pocket, the powerful new App for the iPhone and iPad that lets any user feel like a professional painter. At its core, it is a tracing program that anyone can use – regardless of his or her artistic abilities. Making fine art really is as easy as taking a picture, tracing the outlines, filling in some color and changing out the backgrounds. But this is only half of the genius of Art Bellies Pocket.

If you or I were given a blank canvas, we would be hard pressed to think of something to paint. We might come up with some colorful doodles. Inspiration does not grow on trees. We would stare at the white background and wonder what to do. Even if we were master painters – what would we paint?

Art Bellies Pocket solves this question by focusing on family. By narrowing down the theme, it is much easier to be creative. By focusing on children, pregnancy and loved ones, Art Bellies Pocket introduces users to their muses and guides non-artists into making masterpieces based on the ones they love the most. Even people who have not touched an art project in years find themselves constantly making portraits of their family members.

By combining tracing with inspiration, the makers of Art Bellies Pocket have done the seemingly impossible. They have given art to non-artists. The program is for families, for real people and for those who have never considered themselves artistic. There are no barriers. There are no difficult hurdles to overcome or program tools to learn. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad and ninety-nine cents can now make something artistic that they are proud of.

Once a user has created an Art Bellies Pocket print of their children or expecting wife, they can share their work with the click of a button. They can easily upload images to Facebook or they can email portraits to other family members and friends. Creating is addictive and with the high resolution printing functions, users can also make their own custom birthday cards, baby shower invitations or birth announcements.

Art Bellies Pocket prints can also be used as the backgrounds for custom credit cards and for screen savers. A video capture option allows users to watch their paintings come to life and lets users upload animated video instantly to YouTube for sharing.

Available for purchase on the iTunes App Store for only $.99.

Scraps of Life take on the App: This is a very cool app and well worth the price. With a little practice, the effects can be impressive and addictive. We especially love the many options for backgrounds. It would be nice to have the gradation between paint colors a little closer to make shadowing easier. Great for kids and adults alike!

Of course this App is not just for pregnant bellies. What a cute concept though!  This is a simple tracing program that goes along with your iPhone camera. It is as simple and trace, shade and paint.  Check it out at Art Bellies Pocket.

Do you have a favorite Art type App? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know. We are always looking for fun & creative, family friendly Apps.

Thanks to the sponsor for providing the App so we could review it. Our own thoughts & opinions are expressed here.


  1. That app is really cool!! I am NOT artistic, but I bet everyone would think I was if I used that.

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