Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy National Truffle Day!

I love these random "National day of.." and hope you do, too!  To we celebrate, National Truffle Day.  We are celebrating it a little differently, though!!

This is our adorable kitty named Truffle.  She looks pretty, she is a good listener but she is a stinker.  Can you tell?  Don't try and touch her unless you are our eldest daughter. She looks sweet but she will growl and hiss at you.  She likes to hang out around Aslan, her big brother cat.

She is now a year old.  When we got her, she was only a  few weeks old and was alone and cold in a storm drain.  She had a rough few weeks of life.  Below are some of her baby pictures! lol   Enjoy.
 This is Truffle today.......

1 comment:

ham1299 said...

Wow, what a gorgeous cat! She's beautiful, and I just love that name. (She reminds me a bit of our Jasmine, a similarly colored cat.)

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