3 DIY Mother's Day Gift ideas

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And to all you MOMS out there! Happy Mother's Day!

3 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts that Celebrate Family By Beth Engelman

This Mother’s Day, celebrate family with this crafty games the whole family can enjoy.
Block Photo Puzzle
Not only does this 6-sided photo puzzle provide hours of family fun, but it’s also a great
way to reuse favorite family photos.

•    9 - Wooden Blocks (Use old alphabet blocks)
•    6 - 8 x 10 Photograph Prints or Colored Copies
•    Ruler
•    Scissors
•    Mod Podge and Paintbrush

1.  Arrange blocks in a square and measure the length and width of the square.

2. Measure and cut print to the exact same size as the 9-block square.
3. Place blocks in a square on top of print. Position blocks so they’re lined up neatly and
as close together as possible.
4. Trace and cut the outline of each block.
5. Glue print pieces to blocks using Mod Podge. Set aside to dry and then seal with 1-2
top layers of Mod Podge.
6. Repeat process until all 6 sides of the blocks are covered with different photographs.
Thank you to the creative folks at for sharing this idea!

 “Go Fish with the Family” Card Game

This gift is perfect for Moms who like card games. Another bonus?  There’s
always room to “grow” the deck.

•    Camera
•    Double stick tape, or a glue stick
•    Several pieces of cardstock (one color)
•    Scissors

1.    Take pictures of each family member and develop the pictures in

duplicates (3x5 or 4x6 is fine, just make sure all the pictures are the same size).
2.    Turn the pictures into playing cards by gluing or taping a piece
of card-stock to the backside of each picture.
3.    Game ideas include “Go Fishing with the Family” which is
similar to “Go Fish” but, instead of matching numbers, the object is to collect matching
pairs of photos. “Memory” is another fun game to play.  Place the cards face down
in a grid and try to find matching pairs of photos.
Family Bingo 

In my house, Bingo is always a big hit because regardless of age or skill level, everyone
has the same chance to win.  However this version is extra special because the
playing boards are populated with pictures of family members.

•    Color Coordinated Game Boards (download here)
•    Images of Family Members (use photographs, drawings or clip
•    Bingo Markers (pennies, pebbles or buttons)
•    Glue and Scissors

1.    Create the game boards:  Download and print desired

number of game-boards. Remember each player gets a different game board.
2.    Color-copy and paste images of family members onto each game
board.  Remember to paste one person per square and make each board slightly
3.    Make “call-out cards” by writing the name of each family
member in yellow, green, blue, purple and pink (which coordinates with the colors on the
4.    To Play: Game play is similar to traditional Bingo except the
caller will randomly select a call-out card and then read the color and person.  For
example, “Blue, Grandma Mary” means there is a picture of Grandma Mary in a blue
square.  Just like Bingo, the first person to get 5 in a row (horizontally, vertically
or diagonally) wins!

Beth Engelman is a columnist for the Sun Times News Group’s Pioneer Press. Her
column “Mommy on a Shoestring,” appears in over 30 local papers around Chicago
area as well as on the Sun-times website where you can also view her Mommy on a
Shoestring video series. 
She is also a regular on “You and Me this Morning” on WCIU
and is frequent contributor for WGN America’s Midday News at Noon.  Recently,
Beth was chosen by a celebrity panel from NBC Universal and iVillage to become one
of 15 national  “mom” correspondents for NBC’s popular website, (over 3 million visitors a day) where she reports on issues that affect moms, families and communities such as bullying, divorce and weight loss.  For more information visit Beth at


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