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Have you ever wanted links in your blog post to open in a new window so your reader doesn't have to leave your page?  Stay here so I can show you how to do it but  Click Here at Devils Workshop (don't be scared) because I learned how to do it on his page. He had the code there but it really wasn't explained. So I played with it and here is what I learned:

To do this, you just need to download and use this simple code that says SOL.txt (scraps of life) Click Here.

*Once you have the code, you create a new blog post.
*When you are ready to insert a link click the EDIT HTML above instead of COMPOSE.
*When you get to the EDIT HTML, go right to where you want to add in your link.
*You will add in the entire downloaded code.
*In my code you will see my blog address twice in between these two " " marks. http://cafescrapper....all the way to
*Don't delete the quote marks BUT you will delete my blog address in between those quote marks.
*Instead of my blog address you will add in the address you want as your link.
*You will add the the entire http
*This address needs to be in between the quote marks. Make sure you do it in both spots.
*You will see what I'm saying once you download the code.
*Once you have added in the code that you want to link to, click back over to COMPOSE.
*All you will see is CLICK HERE as you see above twice in BLUE.  So make sure your words lead up to  CLICK HERE.
*Once the link is clicked, the link will open in a new window while staying on your page. 

It really is easy. It might take you one try or 5 tries, who knows. It is easy to do and just follow step-by-step.

I have OpenDNS on my blog which blocks spam and spyware. I also have virus protection on my blog and the code is safe.

*Why do you have to download the code? Well in case you are wondering that, I can't put the code on my blog because all you will see is CLICK HERE. Just download the code on a Notepad and when ready to use, copy it.

If you have any questions, just ask. You can send me a DM tweet to get me quickly if I'm home. Click Here

I just learned this today and tried it on this blog post Click Here . I'm not going to go back and add it to all my other 1000 post but will start using it from now on.   The key is to use that code and just deleting my address and add in the address you want.

Have fun! (Oh and I really did this today because another blogger asked me how to do it. So I wanted to help her and now I am glad that I did. It wasn't difficult!) Let others know about this, too! If this was helpful to you, please leave a comment. xoxoxo SusieQTpies


  1. I love that you posted this! I wish all bloggers would use it! :)

  2. Thanks Kelly! I just learned it today. Someone just told me an easier way to do it. So I'll try his way, too.

  3. Yay! This is freaking awesome!
    Thanks girl!

  4. You are welcome Lesley! A friend just showed me how to open a new tab link so I am posting that in just a minute! yay

  5. I have just been thinking about this for the past 3days and here you are posting a solution! Awesome! Have to try it...thanks!

  6. Oh, thank you so much for posting this! I'm working on it!

  7. You are all welcome. I'm all for sharing something I learned. Dearest Island can do it. I also found another way to do it so check the post above this one.


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