Thursday, May 26, 2011

Create new tab links on Blogger

The last post on, Blogger Tips & Tricks, I showed you how to open a new WINDOW Click Here! on your blog post. This will allow a link to open into a new window and prevent your readers from leaving your blog.  A dear friend, we'll just call him "Dear Jon" just shared with me how to have a link open as an new TAB. I tried it and it works.  I can see where some would prefer one over the other.

To create a new link tab:

Use this code: ‎< a href="http://ADD YOUR LINK HERE /" target="_blank">Click Here!< /a >(Minus the spaces)

If you aren't sure you can download the code, Click Here! , and make sure you take out my blog address on the downloaded code and put in the link you want and follow the same steps below.

*The code looks funny because you need to get rid of the extra spaces at the beginning and end of the tag.

*Write your blog post and when you are ready to insert your link click from COMPOSE to EDIT HTML.
*Add the code and then add in the link. 
*Make sure you add the open & close tags like I mentioned above.
*Switch back to COMPOSE from EDIT HTML and you should have the words Click Here!
*When this is clicked, a new tab opens to the link and your blog is still in the tabs.

Very simple! Hope this helps.
If you have questions, just ask!
xoxox SusieQTpies
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