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Are you addicted to Pinterest?? I know that I am. Here are my tips on how you can use this awesome service to actually bring traffic into your blog. IF you are here right now because of one of my pins, THANK YOU for stopping in.

When I first joined Pinterest, I would easily spend 1 hour on there a DAY for the first few months of signing on (that was 6 months or so ago). It was for my own pleasure and for posting my own pins from my blog.
Here are the things that I always did:

*I would follow those who followed me.
*Invite people though my Facebook page.
*Every pin that I made I would have it set to tweet out.
*Once I made a blog post that had a great picture and pin worthy, I would pin it myself.

That is what I did for the first 3 months or so in the group. Now for the past 2 months or so I only spend maybe 20-30 minutes a WEEK on there. Why so little time? I just haven't had the time to go on and just play around. The cool thing that I found happening was that people were coming over to my blog even though I cut back my time on there.

Here are my stats just from Pinterest referrals the past 3 months. These stats I know off the top of my head but with google analytics I can go way back and check each month:

*Nov. I had over 16,000 hits on my blog just because of Pinterest
*Oct - over 8,000
*Sept 5-6,000

Growing blog traffic tips:

*Follow those who follow you
*Follow those who repin your pins no matter if the pin is from your blog or just something you gave a repin
*Leave a comment on new followers or someone who repins or someone you are new to follow
*Put the Pinterest button on your blog so people can click to follow you and to pin your post
*Click the TWEET out button so that everything you pin gets a tweet
*Click the Facebook button to put your fav. pins there, too
*Pin your own blog post
*Invite people to Pinterest via Facebook, Twitter, your blog, email,etc
*Think of interesting topics and create new boards.
*Keep your pins organized.
*Make a weekly post on your favorite pins
*Some blog post can go into multiple pin boards. So put them there. (FOR example I have a pin board for cookbooks. So if I review a cookbook I pin it there. If the same post has a recipe then I pin that same pin to whichever category the recipe belongs.)
*Join a group of friends and pin their pins and have them pin yours. This helps get more variety for your readers.

Hope my tips help. With little effort people come into by blog via Pinterest. I went from 1 hr a day to just 10 min. a week on the site. I've just recently followed about 75 more people so I'm hoping that they follow me back so I can get up and over 500 actual followers.

Feel free to ask questions or if you need me to personally help your blog in this area with the tips listed, I can do that, too. Just send me an email or leave a comment below for me to email you.

Do you  have any pin tips? If so leave them below. I would love to hear yours! IF you are on Pinterest, please follow me and as you know, I will follow back. If you are not on it, just leave me your email addy and I will invite you to Pinterest as it is on invite only.

(Oh and pin this post, please :) You also have my permission to copy this post and  post it on your blog. I just ask that you include my Pinterest link: and you link your blog post back to my post so that I'm given credit for the post. If you take it leave a comment so that I can come visit you.)

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