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For my regular readers, you know that on and off over the past year I blog about a healthier lifestyle. Some do not like that term but I do and it keeps me focused EVERY SINGLE DAY as to what I'm doing, eating, not eating, not doing and more. As part of my journey, I like to read any and everything on getting healthy including The Fast Metabolism Diet Program by Haylie Pomroy.
Healthier Lifestyle

Just to make it clear, over the past 12 months, I have lost 70 pounds by avoiding that word "diet" or even "diet program." Why? To me, diet is a short term project which always sets me up to fail and gain more weight than I had before starting the such and such diet. I also hear people all the time around me talking about starting this and that diet and it is a never ending cycle for all those who struggle with any type of weight issues. Click over to follow some of my post on my healthier lifestyle journey.

So knowing that I avoid using the word diet, I hesitantly agreed to read The Fast Metabolism Diet Program book just so that I could see if I could actually learn something about my body, my metabolism which in turn would give me information to share with those who ask. I also wanted to prove to myself that I didn't need a diet book to loose more weight.

My Review: The book was extremely easy to read and well thought out. The author, Haylie Pomroy wrote it in such a way that I felt like she was talking directly to me. I wanted to know why diets fail, she told me. I wanted to know why eating less food can make you gain weight and she told me. I wanted to know what foods to eat to fire up my metabolism and guess what? Yes she told me this in her book. I wanted to know what foods to avoid and she told me why to avoid them. She did tell me to avoid coffee and alcohol. No problem on the alcohol but for me, I didn't give up my coffee even though she explained why. Haylie explained things like exercise, sugar and special dietary needs. 

I read and followed and was impressed by the entire book. I loved the easy breakdown of the 3 phases with a huge list of foods and exercises to do in each phase and WHY to do them. It is rare to find a "diet" book which is really a book geared toward making changes for a lifetime and not just a quick fix loose weight fast so you can fit in your bathing suit or wedding dress book. 

By page 14 of this book, Haylie said she was sorry that no one properly explained how my body worked! I also learned that a calorie isn't just a calorie, we all react to food differently. Really I didn't know this. I have always read that a calorie is a calorie, eat and burn x amount to loose x amount of weight. 

So do you want to stop being angry and depressed about your body? Do you want to escape the fatigue, obesity, sickness and self loathing? Haylie will talk to you through this book to have you choosing food and a lifestyle to make you have more energy and strength. You will discover this energy and strength because if you struggle with weight issue you probably do not think that you are strong or have the ability to be strong.  Serious folks, this is one "diet" book that I am thrilled to have read and shared with you on my blog. 

Stop counting calories and run to the store and get this book :) Seriously this is a "diet" book and you are probably tired of buying yet another diet book. I know I have been there and I have said that I avoid that word. I feel so much more educated about my body and food that I am ready to continue my healthier lifestyle journey well beyond just getting to my "goal weight". My goal is to be healthy,eat healthy and each day is a new day which I'm grateful for.

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Even though this is a sponsored post from SheSpeaks/Fast Metabolism Diet, I am thrilled to have read this book and shared my own personal opinions, thoughts and how I processed the book. 

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  1. I need to check this out! I've just started my "healthier eating" plan too - so this may be just what I need!


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