Mac N' Cheese to the Rescue Recipes and Giveaway

Does your family like mac n' cheese? Do you just buy the blue box or do you have a family favorite recipe? Our taste varies and we are always on the look out for something new to create. I just got the chance to review a cookbook with 101 new mac n' cheese recipes!

This sponsored post is my own tasty opinion. The cookbook, Mac N' Cheese To The Rescue by Kristen Kuchar is bursting full of fun, ingenious & tasty Mac N' Cheese recipes for the family. My teen looked through the cookbook before I had the chance a few weeks ago. For the first time ever she said, "Can I have this cookbook?" so I said yes! Miss College girl will now have 101 recipes to try. She then went through the cookbook and picked out some new recipes for us to cook. I will be buying several copies of this cookbook to include as gifts for bridal showers and graduations!

This cookbook was created to "spice up everyone's favorite boxed comfort food" and sure to please any fan of mac n' cheese. All of the recipes use a box of mac n' cheese. If you make your own basic mac n' cheese then substitute the same amount as 1 box mix. 

As with any of my cookbook reviews, I love sharing the chapters and a few of my favorite recipes. 

Chapter 1 Breakfast- Fiesta Omelet, Good Morning Mac n' Cheese, Bacon Omelet, Healthy Start Omelet

Chapter 2 Snacks and Appetizers- Taco Party, Spicy Mac Balls, Mini Mac Burgers, Bruschetta Mac, Jalapeno Mac Cornbread

Chapter 3 Soups and Salads- Chicken Mac-Tilla Soup, Mac-Estrone Soup, Cajun Country Gumbo, Chicken Caesar

Chapter 4 Sandwiches, Pizzas, Tacos and Burritos-Cowboy Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza Mac, Not Your Mama's Grilled Cheese, Windy City Mac, Simple Fish Tacos

Chapter 5 Vegetarian-Skinny Mac, Spinach Artichoke Mac, Corn Chowd-A, Creamy Fiesta Mac, Thai Mac, Amore Mac n' Cheese

Chapter 6 Poultry & Fish-Chicken Parm Mac, Italian Mac, Chicken Enchilada Mac, Superbowl Mac, Not Your Grandma's Tuna Casserole

Chapter 7 Pork-Octoberfest Casserole, New Orleans Cajun, Bacon Lover's Mac, Carolina Pulled Pork (click to get that recipe), JalapeƱo Bacon Mac, Chinese Take In, B.L.T.M

Chapter 8 Beef & Lamb-Lonestar Mac, Meaty Mac Loaf, French Onion Mac, Sloppy Joe Mac

We will be trying many of these or I should say that my teens will be cooking may of these. Here is the first one made by my 14 year old and she also took the picture. I was so impressed at how beautiful it turned out! She knew I needed the picture for my blog.

Southern Fried Chicken Mac N' Cheese

Turn leftover fried chicken into an entirely different meal by adding it to man n' cheese. A touch of creamy ranch dressing completes the dish. Serves 4-5

1 box mac n' cheese
1 cup shredded leftover fried chicken
1/2 cup prepared creamy ranch dressing

  1. Cook the mac n' cheese as directed.
  2. Add the chicken and ranch dressing to the cooked man n' cheese, stirring until well blended.
Kitchen Notes- Use any type of chicken for this recipe. It is great to use with leftover roterseri chicken. My daughter topped hers off with bread crumbs from her mac n' cheese box. Remember you can use any type of Mac n' Cheese! Don't think this book is only for the box mix.
mac n cheese recipes
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5-Want to increase your chance to get this cookbook? My friends are also giving away a copy. Check out their recipe and enter to win a copy on their blogs! Let me know that you entered on their sites for an extra entry for each one!

Katie-Carolina Pulled Pork Mac n' Cheese
Carrie- Amore Mac n' Cheese
Nichi- Jalapeno Mac Cornbread
Susie-Southern Fried Chicken Mac n' Cheese
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