Is there a Santa Claus??

What are some of your family favorite traditions? Did you create them or were they passed down from when you were a kid? I'd love to know. Did you decide to have Santa Claus as part of that tradition because it was yours as a kid? Have you had to explain to your kids that there is or isn't a Santa? How do you answer, "Is there a Santa Claus?" 

What do you do to keep the santa tradition going? 

Each year my girls decorate the main family tree with their own ornaments. They get a new one each year from me. Someday when they move away I will give them their ornaments so that they will have a part of home on their new tree.

The cat LOVES helping out with the Christmas tree. He has a few ornaments of hs own.

Here are some photos from our year family & friends Christmas Open house. Do you do this? 

What some Christmas food ideas?  Click here for food and drink ideas! 

More Christmas Goodies

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