Gooseberry Patch Thanksgiving Cookbook

Thanksgiving Cookbook to give you new food ideas for your Holiday Menu.
Gooseberry Patch
(Always check the price before you click to buy. The books are rotated being free or $.99. So make sure the book is the price that you want to pay.)

Yes, my dearest Gooseberry Patch has released yet, another awesome ereader cookbook for FREE. Hurry though because the price will jump up to $3 very soon!

For all you pumpkin loving friends you will find even more pumpkin recipes in this book including Pumpkin Coffeecake, Old-Fashioned Spicy Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Pumpkin Bread. There are also plenty of Turkey dishes for your up and coming feast leftover. You'll find tasty recipes for Day-After Turkey Muffin Cups, Turkey Pot Pie and a Hearty Turkey Soup.

What? You don't like turkey or pumpkin? The cook book also has recipes for Chocolate Chip-Oatmeal Cookies, Cinnamon Hot Chocolate, Caramel Brownies (uses a cake mix!) and Harvest Apple Cheesecake.

When I was flipping through the cookbook I found a lot of recipes names I was already familiar with. So at first glance I thought, this isn't a cookbook worth paying for. It wasn't until I actually read the ingredients with the recipes that I realized that over half or more of the recipes were different than the way I cook them or have eaten them.

I love these mini theme cookbooks by Gooseberry Patch. If they keep adding in fresh recipes and putting a twist on old favorite, I'll keep buying! (In this case I did get the cookbook free on Barnes & Noble but soon it will be for sale at under $3.) You can also get this on Kindle & Apple.


  1. thanks for always telling me about the free Kindle books, especially Gooseberry Patch!

  2. I adore Gooseberry Patch books. Thanks for sharing :D

  3. I love holiday recipes. Thanks for sharing.


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