Let's do a Comment LOVE Friday! Come link up

Ok friends time to show some comment love! Do you have a low entry giveaway, a great post with little to no comments or how about a review that you want noticed? What about a cool craft project or a tasty recipe you want to share but no one is stopping in to see it?  If this is you then Comment LOVE Friday is for you! Are you needing more twitter, Facebook or GFC followers? Whatever the case this is your spot.

It is so easy to do.

*Just link up as many post on your blog that needs some comment love.
*Visit as many links as you added and show some comment love back to other bloggers.
*If you don't have a blog, join in the comment love and visit the listed pages.

This is the first week. If it takes off over the next month I'll make the badge up above into a button.

IN the mean time you are welcome to it to post and share. Feel free to spread the Comment Love Friday around so we can help one each other. Up above you can TWEET this out, post it on your Facebook page or make your own blog post. The more we share the more love that gets spread :)

Happy Friday! Go spread some LOVE! I will select one person to cohost with me next week! So leave a comment if you want to be considered!

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