Big G Cereal Giveaway and Chocolate Cereal Recipe

 Is cereal one of those items you always purchase during shopping trips? What is your household favorite? We like most of the Big G cereals as well as Raisin Bran and Shredded Wheat.
  • In your grocer´s cereal aisle, keep an eye out for specially marked boxes of Cheerios®, Chocolate Cheerios®, Cookie Crisp®, Golden Grahams®, MultiGrain Cheerios®, and Total®
  • Use the coupons printed inside the box to save up to $5 when purchasing select products from brands including Betty Crocker®, Nature Valley®, Pillsbury®, Big G, and Maxwell House
Start the day off right with Big G cereals, and keep your stomach - and your wallet - full. To learn more about the benefits of breakfast, visit CerealBenefits.com today.

The coupons are a welcomed treat inside of each of these specially marked boxes. How awesome to pay $3 for a box of cereal and get $5 in coupons inside! This deal is much better than any toy that they could put inside the box.

I took the original Cheerios and made cereal bars with it. They were awesome! Yum.
Chocolate Cheerios Cereal Bars


1/2 stick of butter
5 cups of Jet-Puffed JUMBO SwirlMallows Chocolate and Vanilla
1 teaspoon vanilla

8-9 cups of plain Cheerios
1/2 to 1 cup of mini chocolate chips (depends on how much you want!)


Melt butter in a large pan. Add in SwirlMallows and melt. Once melted add in vanilla and Cheerios. Take off heat and mix well. Pour onto a cookie sheet and flatten with parchment paper. Top off with sprinkling on the mini chocolate chips. Once cool, eat!

This pan of cereal bars went QUICKLY! I didn't even get to take a good picture. I'm happy that I snapped these few right after I cut they were made!

Enter to win these cereals:
    Your prize pack will contain:
  • Cheerios®
  • Chocolate Cheerios®
  • Cookie Crisp®
  • Golden Grahams®
  • MultiGrain Cheerios®
  • Total®
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Thanks to MyBlogSparks and the sponsor for providing cereal for our review. Our own tasty words and opinions are expressed here.
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