Cerra Be Aware, Act, Reflect products

SheSpeaks Cerra Be Aware, Act, Reflect™ sampler showed up at my door a few weeks ago as part of a campaign I joined through SheSpeaks.

The exclusive program kit included:
  • Three Tea Bags in Grounded, Creative Energy and Gratitude varieties
  • Creative Energy Sensory Oil
  • Dissolving Notes and Pen
  • Sample Sized Lotion
  • Gratitude Keepsake Notes
  • Cerra™ calling cards you may share with friends and family
  • An informative Cerra™ Booklet and Journal
I was thrilled to receive this box of goodies. The tea was wonderful. The blends were created to compliment the intended action. My favorite was Creative Energy. The creative Energy Sensory Oil was clean and crisp and just the right scent for me. The lotion was from the same line and wasn't too greasy. I also enjoyed the note cards, calling cards to share with friends and the Cerra Journal.

My most favorite product was the Dissolving Notes and Pen. My kids had something like these a few years ago but they were for them to write a secret message and then eat the paper! This paper isn't to be eaten but it goes along the same premise.

My package was for the Gratitude line. I got my package right before finding out that my grandmother passed away. She raised me most of my life. I really had a lot of mixed emotions floating through my head and decided to pull out program kit to see if I could find a focus. This is when I decided to use the gratitude dissolving notes. I wrote the word confused on the thin, lightly scented soap paper. I'm not going into details but confusion was the top emotion that I decided to work on.
 Once you write on your paper you are to put it in a little bowl of warm water.  For some reason my pictures posted here upside down but considering I was confused I've left them that way! The purpose of this is to make your self aware of your emotions and release them, so you can pursue a more balanced life.
 be aware- How are you feeling? I was feeling confused.
 act- Write a note about how you're feeling; place it in the water.
 reflect- How well did this work?
For me, I did feel a strong amount of gratitude toward my grandmother for taking care of me my first 17 years of life. I knew that I was no longer confused about that. The act allowed me to focus and free my mind of clutter. I wasn't confused, I was just sad. The sadness was because I"m 40 something and her death really put an end to childhood. I guess this is what people feel like when their parents die. She was my parent and the exercise really made me feel better. I am at peace with her death because she knew that I was appreciative of all she did for me growing up.

I am a huge fan of these Cerra products. They came at the right time for me to review. Check them out and tell me what you think. I will be ordering some of the teas and dissolving notes for up and coming Christmas presents.

Mark your calendars and relax at our #SSCerra Twitter Party next Wednesday, October 5th, at 8pm EDT. RSVP by commenting with your twitter handle here.

What kind of prizes can you win?

4 Cerra™ Gift Sets each valued at $25
  • Me Time Pebble Candle Set: Full set and Me Time Pebble Candle Refill Pack
  • A Bath Tub Night: Scented Candle, Bath Tea, and Body Lotion
  • Night Time Journal & Tea: Guided Journal and your choice of tea (12 tea bags in pack)
  • Tea Time: Three packs of tea of your choice
4 Cerra™ Gift Sets each valued at $50
  • Getting in Touch with Your Senses: Sensory Oil Set
  • Dissolve Those Thoughts: Dissolving Notes Set, Dissolving Notes Refill pack with the Tree of Seven Intentions Music CD
  • Me Time Variety Gift Basket: Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Linen Spray, Scented Candle, and Bath Tea
  • Family Time Set: Circle of Friends Family Gratitude (Candle Holder, Me Time Pebble Candles & Album) and Pebble Candle Set Refill
One $200 Door Prize (Comment on this post to qualify now) Never been to a Twitter Party?
No problem. Here's your chance to get started! Make sure to check out these Twitter Party tips and hints. Then get ready to jump into the conversation!

#SSCerra Twitter Party Details
When: Wednesday, October 5th
Time: 8pm EDT

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Hashtag: #SSCerra #MeTime

Thanks to SheSpeaks and Cerra for sending me the kit in exchange for my honest opinion. Attend the twitter party to find out more about Cerra.

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