Small Business Saturday Holiday Shopping Event

Do you shop locally for the holidays? How about online? Do you support online small businesses? On Saturday November 24th we are celebrating, promoting and shopping during Small Business Saturdayholiday deals
The above picture has been floating around Facebook all week. I have tried many times to find the orginal source with no luck at all. *IF* this is your photo or you know who it belongs to, please email me or leave contact info in my comments. I want to give credit for this photo. 

You might be asking, "What is Small Business Saturday?" and "Why do I need to know about it?" If so, here is the scoop for you! Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday people will be kicking off their Holiday shopping. This campaign wants you to plan your shopping and take time to remember the small business in your community. Have fun on Black Friday but go back out on Saturday and show your support to local, often struggling businesses.
holiday shopping

Did you know that big business Black Friday ads are already being released to get your eyes focused on their store ads. I remember the day when we had to wait for that HUGE paper on Wednesday or Thursday morning to plan our shopping plan of attack. Thanks to the internet the wait has been taken away and ads are online for you to view and even print off coupons. Cyber Monday sales are also popping up to wet your appetite for more things you can buy online.  So do you shop on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday?
(Go BIG and spend BIG. Go SMALL and spend SMALL. Find out how.)

My blog is a small business and I thank you for stopping in and visiting me! I have learned a lot about business and the importance of supporting small businesses the past several years. I'm passing on my knowledge to other women (I'm always encouraging and helping bloggers.) I also live in a small town. We try out best to shop locally as much as possible. For Small Business Saturday I will either shop in my small town or if I am still with family in Kentucky, I will go out and shop in their small town stores. Either way you will find me connecting with the locals and giving them my support. If I'm not home that Saturday I will go on Monday to my town stores.
Holiday Fudge
(Picture from

I have two purchases that I am looking forward in doing on November 24th. First off, I'm going to get some new holiday candles to bring the smells of the holidays into my home. Small stores always carry the best candles and most are  HOMEMADE vs Factory made. The other purchase, which will be a first for me is to get fudge from our local Ice Cream HOMEMADE Fudge Shoppe. I make fudge for Christmas but this year I'm taking a break and buy locally.

It is great to support the local stores which in turn gives the local economy a boost this time of the year. While we shop on Small Business Saturday we will also eat at one of our small local restaurants. Win win for everyone!
movie theatre
(Not the best photo but we loved how our local small theatre posted this last year to remind our town to shop local! Picture from

How about you? Are you planning on shopping November 24th for Small Business Saturday? Which shops will you go to? What things will you buy? I'd love to hear more about your shopping plans!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for American Express. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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