Gift Birdy online wish list for Holiday Shopping

I remember back in the day making wish list from the Sears catalog and passing it out to family. Very rarely would I get what was in that catalog but I had to try! How about your kids? Do they make a wish list from things they see on TV, catalogs, sale ads, etc? Do they pass the list out to the grandparents?

For my girls, they have never lived by their grandparents so when they make a wish list it gets passed along by telephone. That doesn't always work well especially when most of their wants can be found online. This year we have found a new wish list maker called GiftBirdy. Have you heard of it? 

GiftBirdy is an online wish list that allows your kids to easily create a wish list and send it to family and friends. This takes the guess work out of shopping and saves the phone call to tell the grandparents all the internet sites to go to. I know that the grandparents will appreciate the easy going shopping list. It is frustrating for them when they go pick out what they thought the girls want to find out it is the wrong style or color. 

The site is all kid safe and kid friendly. Don't forget, as the parent you should always check out sites first. You can easily do that by watching this introduction video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNYzzAKlBPg which highlights all the fun features of the site. It also offers games for the kids to play, virtual gifts & cards can be sent by the kids and they can even send THANK YOU cards once they receive a gift. I really love the thank you card option! The site also has a Giftbirdy Giveback program which encourages children to add a small donation to a charity as a gift.

As a mom I love that the site doesn't have any external ads. This is important because kids can click on them and head to sites that you have not checked out. The purchases are made through Amazon which is our main site where we order from. Amazon is amazing and I am so pleased that GiftBirdy is their affiliate partner. It is a safe, free site, too! So not only can your kids go make wish list but they can play around on the site and make virtual pets. I give this site 2 thumbs up and it is perfect for the Christmas Season.

This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and Gift Birdy. All opinions stated are my own.

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