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I'm on a healthier lifestyle journey. I've committed myself to walk my weight off! Here is my journey and I hope you'll share yours with me, too! 
Hey friends! Thanks for stopping in. I know that some of you have been following me on my healthier lifestyle journey. I've been on this journey since the middle of April. So 7 months later I can report that I've lost a lot of inches (clothes fall off of me) and 60 lbs! Last week I cleaned out all of my clothes and got rid of 12 bags! It felt so liberating to get rid of them. I donated them all to charity. Here are my bags:

Since the last time I checked in I did something really crazy last month. My teen talked me into doing a 5K. I was really nervous because I had never been in one. It was on my to do list but I wasn't ready for it. I use to say that the only way I would run is if I was being chased by zombies. Well guess what? It was a 5 K Zombie run! I was going to be chased by zombies. It was a really fun race to be in. So I learned to stop second guessing myself and go for it!

Here is a picture before I started my healthier lifestyle journey and a picture with me and my zombie daughter after the race!
I've also been busy getting involved in exercise challenges. I did a 2 week BobHarper Challenge with #mamavation. I lost weight and inches with the increased activity! It was great. I loved it so much that I still use his exercises.

I hang out over at LifeKraze. It is a spot to share what you are doing and reward those for doing it! It is a great spot to share your exercise journey, weight loss, struggles with those all over the internet with the same issues, goals,etc. I've learned a lot about myself, new exercises, and more. If you want to learn more about LifeKraze email me at cafescrapper at gmail dot com and I will email you an invite. It is free to join!

One of the gals is starting a new challenge this week and some of us are going to join in. We are using the below video by Tony Horton. I'm sure some of you recognize his name or at least P90X which is a product amongst others that he has created. I've never used P90X so the video below is a brief glimpse into what it is all about.

The video is a 2 week challenge where you repeat these exercises twice a day. I'm going to do it and this is the perfect week to start because of it being Thanksgiving week. I'm not going to have time to get to the gym, especially Thur-Sat. So this video I can do and it doesn't involve the gym or weights.

I will try and blog after 1 week but if I don't check back in 2 weeks and I'll let you know how I did. If you join in, leave a comment and we can encourage one another. Have a great week! (email me about LifeKraze!)

If your internet connection is slow the below video might cut out on you. Try going to the original source to watch it!


Oh and here is my journey: Day 1Day 60, Day 90, Before starting Bob Harper 2 Week Challenge.

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