Holiday Menu Gingerbread Snack Mix

Easy holiday recipe to add to your Holiday Menu. This gingerbread snack mix is quick & easy to make & give as gifts, too. 

Chocolate Gingerbread Snack Mix


1 pound chocolate almond bark
cups chex mix
3 cups gingerbread marshmallows


Melt the bark. (Do it on the stove top, microwave or melting pot)
Once melted, add in chex mix. Give it a good stir. The pieces do not need to be totally covered in chocolate.
Add in gingerbread and give it a few stirs.
Pour out onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.
Once cool, break about in chunks.
So yummy.

Kitchen notes: Use any type of snack mix with this recipe. I had a huge bag of snack mix that was leftover and this was what I used. Try using different types of marshmallows and/or white almond bark. Have fun with it.

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