70+ Recipes for the Holidays Blog Hop

I'm a holiday junkie. I love all the fun food and decorations that can be made for the holidays that we celebrate. Right now I have with some other bloggers, a fun collection over over 70+ Recipes for the Holidays. You must visit this Pinterest board and find something new to add to your holiday menu.
What are some of your favorite holiday recipes? If you have any on your blog I would LOVE for you to pin them below. If you want to be a contributor to this board, leave a comment below with your entire pinterest ID ( name) and I will add you. 

FYI you can link up anything you want in the below linky! Join in the link party!

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HOW TO JOIN THE LINKY below- (do any of the following)

1) Pin this Party Post to Pinterest- Please! Why? To let others know about the party. It advertises the party so more people see it which in turn more people will see what you pin and give you traffic.

2) Add your Pinterest name to the linky. If you aren't on Pinterest and want an invite, leave a comment and emailaddy.

3) Link up anything you want to be pinned! No limit. We just ask that you make sure your post has a decent picture.

4) In turn pin a few things on the linky.

5) If you want to host the party on your blog, scroll down and take the code. Make your own Pinterest Saturday page. That way you will get more attention to your blog.

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