Go Away Big Green Monster-give me peace!

My bookworm, Emily, use to love this book as a little kid. We all read it to her and it is now a family favorite. If you have never read it, the book is about a monster that creeps up on you page by page and tries to get you. It doesn't get you because you get to TAKE CONTROL and tell the monster "You don't scare me!" Once you yell that at the monster, page by page the monster does go away! Peace! He is gone and you can have peace. That is what we all want, right? We want to take control, tell our monsters to go away and to have freedom and peace!

About the book from Publishers Weekly:

The Caldecott Medalist makes wonderful use of innovative production techniques in this ingenious offering. Differently diecut and boldly colored pages reveal increasingly scary features of a big green monster--on the first spread, we see two big yellow eyes; on the second, the eyes plus a long blue nose; and so on, until the monster is fully unmasked. But that's only half the story. "You don't scare me!" reads the caption after the monster is shown in all its horror. Turn more pages and, one by one, the scary features disappear, as does, of course, the monster. "And don't come back! Until I say so," the text concludes. A joy to read aloud, the simple story entertains even as it helps its audience master common fears. Emberley's striking approach should win him new fans aplenty. Ages 3-8.
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