The Best Chocolate Recipes

I know that not everyone loves chocolate but many do and there are certain occasions where a lot of chocolate recipes are made and purchased. What is your all time favorite chocolate recipe? Share with me below. If you have a link, share that, too!

chocolate recipes
Here are some of my top favorite chocolate recipes!
1) Buckeye Brownies- one of the top post on my blog for 2 years
2) Crock Pot Lava Cake- From Crystal & Co. I really need to make this!
3) Chocolate & Coffee Brownies-I've been making these for at least 15 years.
4) Kalhua White Russian Brownies- I have to make these, too
5) Hostess Cupcake Cake Balls- We love making cake balls but have never but anything inside of them. I think it is time to try these!
6) Click here to find more desserts on my blog
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