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Way back in the day when LeapPad first brought out their products, my twins were just the right age to read them. We bought all of the books but it turned out that their younger 4 year old sister, Emily, used it more. I can't give LeapPad all the credit but she started reading right after she turned four. This was before they had the Ultra eBooks. As a parent I'm for anything that encourages reading and LeapPad has the products covered in that market. Have you heard of the Leap Pad Ultra eBooks?

Ultra eBooks are designed to use LeapPad’s advanced functionality to enhance the experience and immerse kids in the joy of reading. Unique features like leveled story text, on-demand phonics help and comprehension activities support beginning readers, and fun mini games and animated sequences draw kids in and drive the story toward a happy ending!

With Ultra eBooks kids can:
·        Read at their own pace with text levels that adjust automatically

·        Hear individual words sounded out

·        Expand vocabulary skills with a visual dictionary

·        Build phonics and comprehension skills with innovative activities

·        Join the action with mini games that are part of the stories

This eReader is recommended for ages 4-9. Do you have a child that age?

Discover how Ultra eBooks enhance the experience and immerse them in the joy of reading! Don't miss out on reading opportunities with your kids. If you give it to them they will pick it up and play/read. If kids see you reading with your ereader they will read with their ereader.
Are you addicted to coupons? Here is a $3 coupon to try the LeapPad Ultra eBooks. Use this $3 coupon at your favorite retail store or online to save on LeapPad Ultra eBooks. 

This is a LeapPadbsponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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