Menu Plan Monday with Recipes and Blog Hop

Welcome back to another Monday! Just a reminder that you can link up recipes in my linky. I don't require just menus like other link ups! So share your food!

Do you cook differently depending on the season? I know that from Fall to the end of Winter I use my crock pot a lot to cook soup. I do not use it much in the Spring or Summer months. How about you? How do you cook differently?

Last week I picked the 2 most clicked links to add to our menu and try out. Next week I will do the same. Link up and give me some new recipes for my family!
FYI- April 16th is National Eggs Benedict Day- I have two recipes for you-Guilt-Free Eggs Benny and Seafood Frenzy Eggs Benedict

Monday-We are trying out Kaylee from Couponing & Cooking's Fresh Takes Pasta Bake

Tuesday-Apple Stuffed French Toast, bacon and The Southern Mom Cooks Tropicana Orange Banana Yogurt Smoothie
Wednesday-Daughter requested Stir Fry before she gets on her bottom braces. She wanted a meal full of veggies and protein (such a smart girl) because she knows her mouth is going to be sore for several days. Beef and Snow Pea Stir Fry, "Veggie Fried Rice" (not fried but so tasty) and Crab Rangoons

Thursday-Ham & Bean Soup in the Crock Pot (picture and very easy recipe will be posted later in the week)

Friday- Eat out. The kids are in a play and this weekend is the performance. Check out my Recipe Box for menu choices.

Have a super weekend! Remember link up menus & recipes. I will pick to to try next week and feature you on my menu plan!

Check out menu plans & recipes from  3 Boys and A Dog, Crystal and Company and OrgJunkie.
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