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Do you ever feel like all the cool baby products were invented once your babies were grown up? I do! I remember wishing I had something to warm the baby wipes before a baby wipe warmer was invented. That is just one example of many! I just saw a product called Spiffies Baby Tooth Wipes which made me wish I had these when my girls were babies.
If you see my finger above, I wrapped one of the Spiffies around my index finger. It took just a second to do. Next you use the wipe to clean the teeth of your 2-18 month old. Spiffies wipes contain a natural sweet tasting substance called xylitol which comes from birch trees as well as many fruits and veggies. Xylitol is digestible by humans but the cavity causing bacteria which feeds on the sugars in our mouth cannot use the sweetness of xylitol. According to the literature I read, these wipes are therapeutic for reducing bacteria in the mouth.

We tested out both the apple and grape flavors and they were very pleasant. It is recommend that you cool Spiffies in the refrigerator for 30 minutes prior to use if you want to help relieve teething pain. The company also sells a tooth brushing gel that is used for the same purpose. This gel is for the toothbrush ready toddler and it is fluoride free, SLS free, no parabens and is gluten free. Both products were created by peditrician Ray Wagner, MD. If you have little ones, you really should check it out at Spiffies.

Would you like to try out Spiffies? I'm hosting a small giveaway that is super easy to enter.

Leave a comment below on your thoughts of this product and who you would use the product on to be entered in the giveaway. On April 19th I will randomly pick a winner. 

BONUS entries:
1) Go to the  Spiffies website and come back and leave a comment on anything that you learned that is different from what I stated in this blog post. 
2) Link up anything baby! For each item you list you get an entry into the giveaway. You must leave a separate comment for each entry and let me know which item is yours in the link up.

Good Luck!

Now on to the Blog link up! I've seen a lot of baby crafty post lately and I'm curious to see how many of you have items on your blog related to babies. Link up anything baby! It can be maternity, baby shower, baby food, baby products, baby toys, baby crafts, etc. Join the fun!

I would love to share your ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. So I will randomly pick post that are linked up to be featured in these spots!


  1. I love the idea of Spiffies! We just started using them on our 18 month old and she loves them! Winning some would be great since every time she sees a pack of Spiffies she pitches a fit to have her teeth and gums wiped! Thank you!

  2. From their site, I learned that Xylitol is a safe and natural sweet tasting extract in plants. I had wondered what Xylitol was!

  3. I like they use natural products and its safe to swallow. calgrl76 at hotmail

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  5. Very informative for parents,these type of baby blogs are very essential for parents in current era,parents should buy required good baby products.


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