How I Fought and Beat a Monster of a Stain Contest

Have you ever had a monster of a stain that you beat? With kids and cats, stains are a part of our every day life. I say this with experience because just recently I did fight the monster of a stain and win. To find more story, go here at HOW I FOUGHT & BEAT A MONSTER OF A STAIN that involved tomato (RED) soup, WHITE carpet, steps and a cat! It wasn't pretty!!! 

I entered my story in the "How I Fought & Beat A Monster Of A Stain" contest going on right now over at Scholastic (click to enter) on this very subject. They want to know about how you fought and beat a monster of a stain! Your story could make you one of three lucky winners to win play equipment for your own backyard, athletic equipment for your child's school, plus a year's supply of Clorox2. The contest ends April 20th 2012. (SO ENTER ASAP!!!)
Do you have a story? Enter the "How I Fought And Beat a Monster of a Stain" contest! Once you enter you are welcome to share with me your story!

EVERYONE who enters will get a FREE SCHOLASTIC BOOK! Super sweet bonus for sharing your story!
Thanks to the sponsor of this post, I received $100 for blogging on this topic. My own words & opinions are expressed here.

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  1. I soaked a tomato-sauce-stained sweater in OxyClean, and the colors from the knitted-in flowers ran and stained the sweater further! Ack! I have kept it in a fresh solution of OxyClean [hair of the dog?] since and have been afraid to tackle it. BUT, today is Anti-Procrastination Wednesday, as is every Wednesday, so I will do it TODAY! And buy some Biz to try if the OxyClean fails. Stay tuned!


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