The Socialite Look: Splurge vs. Save List

Just because you don't live off of your trust fund it doesn't mean you can dress that way! I love all of these tips on how to splurge and how to save on what you want so that you can dress like a socialite. This is a fun list and an even funnier book. If you are looking for a light, humorous read, find the book and read it this summer. 

Budget Friendly Ways to Buy Clothes

The Socialite Look: How to Dress Like You Have a Trust Fund Even If You Don't
By Bridie Clark,
Author of The Overnight Socialite

Splurge vs. Save List

Splurge on:
  • Classic pieces -- the little black dress, the Chanel ballet flats, the perfect clutch -- that you'll wear for years to come.
  • If you plan on making it as a socialite -- in the Jackie O, not Casey J mode -- you'll be dashing off countless thank you notes. Invest in personalized stationery. Sites like offer an affordable alternative to monogrammed letterpress.
  • Charitable giving. Nothing's worse than a socialite who struts the red carpet but can't write a check for an important cause. No matter what your budget, find some way to give -- or give your time -- to the organizations that resonate with you.
Save on:
  • Staying Bergdorf blonde can be an expensive habit. Fortunately, most of the top salons hold "training nights" for stylists' and colorists' assistants to hone their skills under the watchful eye of the experts.  Sign up, and you'll get top-end color for significantly less than the salon's usual rates.
  • Furniture. Estate sales, auctions, and online sites like and eBay have heirloom-quality pieces to lend sophisticated polish to your home. If a piece isn't quite heirloom-quality -- but the price is right and the bones are solid -- give it a coat of high-gloss paint, in a quirky turquoise or a punchy coral. 
  • Hostess gifts. Hand-wrapping small items -- soaps, candles, a few chocolate truffles -- adds a personal touch which will impress the recipient.
  • High-end exercise classes and personal trainers. You can check out what's keeping Gwyneth so fit at, or purchase a DVD. Core Fusion, a class that's popular with the Posh Upper East Side set, is also available on DVD. Or you can downward dog along to a Jivamukti yoga CD, the choice of fit and fabulous yogis in downtown Manhattan.
  • Retail. Paying full-boat is for the masses. Instead, explore sites like (you can become a member by visiting, designer outlets, or your local thrift and consignment shops. Make enough of a name for yourself, and it won't be long before designers are sending you their wares.
© 2010 Bridie Clark, author of The Overnight Socialite

Author Bio
Bridie Clark graduated from Harvard University, and has written for The New York TimesVanity FairNew York, and Quest. Her debut novel, Because She Can, was published in nineteen countries. She lives in New York City.
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  1. Adding this to my list of "must reads". Love all the tips and links! Thanks!!


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