Amish Friendship Bread Round up

This week I'm posting a few of my favorite Amish Friendship Bread Recipes (click to get more recipes) in honor of the 1 year Anniversary of the book release, Friendship Bread by Darien Gee. I loved the book and I personally know the author. She is a gem and her book is wonderful. She also writes under the pen name, Mia King.
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Here are my top favorite post. Remember if you pin we will pin back!
1-The novel, Friendship Bread by author Darien Gee.

2- Starter recipe for Amish Friendship Bread- Yes it is here! it isn't a secret. You can start your own.

3- Carrot Cake Amish Friendship Bread- Just in time for Easter and spring! It is so good! Yes, the bread can be made into a cake!

4-The author, Mia King (Darien Gee's pen name)

5- Amish Friendship Bread Snickerdoodle Cookies- Did you know that you can make cookies out of the starter! This is one popular cookie in the Recipe Box on the Friendship Bread Kitchen Website.

6- Oreo & Cream Amish Friendship Bread-My girls love this variation.

7- Recipe for Zucchini Amish Friendship Bread- One of our favorites!

8- Irish Creamy Cafe Amish Friendship Bread Cupcakes- Yes, you can make cupcakes, too!

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  1. thanks so much for this post! I have kept my starter "alive" for almost a month now. I especially like the blueberry and carrot cake. I can't wait to try the Irish cream flavor. I even made my own version of blueberry muffins on my blog


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