The Ultimate Blog Party 2012 #UBP12

The Ultimate Blog Party 2012 #UBP12

YES it is that time of year! This is my 4th party and I love it! The hostess, Susan & Janice (wonder mommy twins) love throwing a party once a year. IF you are new here or visiting from the party hop, thank you and welcome! If you have been here before, thanks for stopping in! 

On their page you will find prizes. Really! YOU can't have a party without door prizes... The prize pool has over 150 prizes and is worth over $21,200. (I've donated 3 prizes so I hope you found my donations.) If you haven't found the party prize post, click here to visit Janice & Susan at 5 Minutes For Mom. Besides prizes there are link ups and actual virtual party activities & tweets. So follow the link to get the scoop on how you can join the fun!

As for me, I've been blogging for 5 years but really started after my first Ultimate Blog Party! I didn't know much about blogging and all the awesome bloggers out there until that point. I'm still friends with bloggers that I met all those years ago :)

I'm a mom of 3 smart & beautiful teen daughters. We homeschool and two of them (17 year old twins) will be in their senior year next year of high school next year. They both are working on their career Associates degree, too! The other girl is soon to test 2nd degree Black Belt. She is 13!

My husband and best friend will celebrate being married 18 years this year. Whew! Time flies when you are busy with your kids. I work as a Virtual Assistant for bloggers and brands. Over half my work is a Social Media Manager. So I do more online for them then I get to for myself these days! I do love blogging. I love posting tasty recipes and sharing them here and on Pinterest. I"m quite addicted to that place. If you need a Pinterest invite, just ask! 

I appreciate you stopping in and visiting. Please leave a comment that you are here and however you are following me and I WILL gladly visit and follow all back! All my follows are on my right side bar!

Happy Partying! I tweet with the handle @susieqtpies so watch for me at the party and say HI! 

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