Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amish Friendship Bread Starter and Day 2 with Recipes

If you are a fan of Amish Friendship Bread then you came to the right place for some tasty information! I've been a fan of this bread 20 + years and have made a lot of recipes over the years. 

This is the 2nd Day of the Amish Friendship Bread Starter. Click below to get the days before and after! 

Day 1 - receive the starter (the recipe for the starter is above)
Day 2 - stir
Day 3 - stir
Day 4 - stir
Day 5 - stir
Day 6 -Add 1 cup each of flour, sugar and milk
Day 7 - stir
Day 8 - stir
Day 9 - stir
Day 10 - Add 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup milk. Divide into 4 containers, with 1 cup each for three of your friends and 1 cup for your own loaves. Give friends the instructions for Day 1 through Day 10 and a recipe for baking the bread.

Click over to check out all the Amish Friendship Bread Recipe Variations in my Recipe Box. Happy Baking, friend!

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