Who wants a $100 CSN Store Giveaway? ME!!!

I'm a huge fan of CSN Stores!  They have over 200 stores, hassle free returns and free shipping on most items! You can find anything from a laptop messenger bag to Rachael Ray's cookware.    I love hosting giveaways for my blog readers for CSN Stores. 

I"m always amazed at what items you can find to purchase through CSN Stores.  Before doing this post, I didn't even realize that they carried laptop messenger bags!  Over the past 6 months I have purchased cookware, wall art decals, a cast iron pan and more! 

Have you ever ordered from CSN stores? If so what did you order?  Go check out CSN stores and start looking around for what you would spend $100 on if you won!  I'll post the giveaway on Friday!!! 
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