Million Minute Family Game Challenge is over! Game Giveaways!

Did you participate in the Million Minute Family Game Challenge?  Patch products released this today on their Facebook page now that the Challenge is over:  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Million Minute Family Challenge. Thanks to you we surpassed our million minute goal. Our final total is 1,063,129 minutes! Congrats!

Our group, Crazy Gamers, joined in our 2nd year of this challenge!  This year we played and logged a total of 34,819 minutes and ended up in 6th place overall!  This is so exciting!  I am going to host a huge game event for our group to celebrate our participation!  I'm sure we will play games at our event!  

I still hope to have weekly game reports to blog, game reviews and giveaways!  Today I found out about a giveaway that is going on through January 14th.  It is for a game called 5 Second Rule.  I reviewed this game and had a giveaway a few months back. The blog, Closer to Lucy, is giving away a copy of this game!  There are low entries so far, so go enter!  Have a great day and keep on playing games!

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