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My family loves playing games!  We are always being asked to list our favorite games.  This is difficult to do because we like most of our  games for different reasons!  Certain games are played depending on our mood, time and the people playing!   Do you have favorites? 

One of my favorite companies is Gamewright Games! They are releasing 8 new games!  Read their press release below on some of the new games!

Are you familiar with them?  I've posted reviews on two of their games; Forbidden Island  (Top 10 game) and Luck of the Draw.

Emily Giurleo
Marketing Coordinator
Ceaco & Gamewright

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Gamewright's 2011 lineup (more to come shortly!). Our latest and greatest will be unveiled at NY Toy Fair next month. We'll have 8 new games, including Mermaid Beach, a kid-invented card game inspired by the ocean. These details and more can also be found on Gamewright’s new GameBlog.


Splish Splash!™
The Game That's Swimming With Fun!
2 – 4 players * Ages 4+
Jump right into this lively game that’s sure to make a splash! Roll the die and then drop the wooden pebble into the pond. Did any colorful shapes splash out? If so, match them up to your playing board. Be the first to fill up your board and then dry off with a win!
Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2011
Mermaid Beach™
A Very Splashy Card Game
2 – 5 players * Ages 6+
Soak up the fun down at Mermaid Beach! Swim along with Swirly Shirley, Betsy Bubbles, Rip Rider, and a colorful cast of undersea characters as you try to collect the most seashell cards. Watch out for sneaky waves and icky seaweed along the way. Most of all - don’t get caught holding the sea monster at the end of the game!
Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2011
City Square Off™
Plan to Win
2 players or teams * Ages 8+
Go head-to-head against your opponent in this tactical game of city planning. Draw a shape card and then simultaneously try to fit the matching tile into your city grids. Plot wisely, as you must always have space to play your next piece. Build your city without going over the limits and consider yourself the master planner!
Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2011
The Switching, Swapping, and Swiping Card Game
2 - 5 players * Ages 8+
Flip out for this colorful card game of back-to-back excitement! Switch, swap, and flip cards in order to get at least four-of-a-kind in a row. Sounds easy, but the cards in your hand are not necessarily your own! Every card is double-sided, so anyone can take and use any card in sight. Collect the most cards and, no matter how you look at it, you win!
Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: PRE-ORDER NOW!
Knock Your Blocks Off™
The Game of Wall-to-Wall Fun
2 – 4 players * Ages 8+
Stack ‘em up … Knock ‘em down! First, race to build a structure by matching up the patterns on your blocks. Then use the demolition die to knock off your opponent's crown! Depending on your roll, you may get to attack with an avalanche of boulders, a wall-smashing ogre, or even a fire-breathing dragon! Rack up the most victory points and crown yourself king of the block.
Playing time: 15 minutes
Availability: Spring 2011

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  1. Several of those sound like great games. I will have to keep an eye out for them.



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