Healthy Recipes for 2011! Share and you could WIN a cookbook by Gooseberry Patch

Oops they are doing it AGAIN?!?! Yes, Gooseberry Patch is calling for recipes for a new cookbook that is in the works! They are looking for your healthier recipes!  The deadline for submission is today, Jan. 10th. 

So get going through your recipes and submit a few!  If you recipe gets published you will get that cookbook for free!  What a great incentive. 

IF you friend Gooseberry Patch on Facebook, they have a special incentive for you!  GO fan their page and you can get the code for the incentive.    This special incentive ends January 10th at midnight EST.  So go and share your healthier or lightened-up recipes with us on our website ( and you'll be entered to WIN a copy of our cookbook, Our Favorite Chicken Recipes!  

You can also enter to win on of their cookbooks right here on my blog!  One of their newest books, Homestyle in a Hurry, is being featured on my blog right now! The giveaway ends 1/17!  So go enter!

Good Luck and don't forget to fan their page and follow the link to get the CODE to use when you enter a recipe!  On that page you will find the link to share your favorite healthy recipe!


  1. Just came back from submitting my first two recipes.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word, Susie...we're getting some great lightened-up recipes! :)


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