Free Gooseberry Patch Quick & Easy Dinners Cookbook

Happy Monday from Gooseberry Patch! They are offering their Quick and Easy Family Dinners ebook for a very limited time. Click on Gooseberry Patch to go to their landing page which will give you all the links to get the book on Kindle, NOOK, Apple, Sony and Kobo. Remember you do NOT need an ereader to get this free book. You can get free software and have the cookbook right on your computer. The price could change at anytime. Make sure it is the price you want to pay before clicking buy!
Thanks for stopping in! If you want more free, quick & easy family dinner ideas click my Menu Monday where you will find my recipes for the day. You can also check my Recipe Database for more!

My Review of Quick and Easy Family Dinners from just browsing the book today. I post this on Nook and Kindle since I downloaded it on both ereaders.

First off, I'm a fan of Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks. So this is a biased review and I got the book for free today on my NOOK color. I have their print and ecookbooks. I'm a huge fan of the paper books just because I love curling up with a cookbook and marking pages with sticky notes. BUT I have to admit I'm becoming a quick collector of their ebooks, especially when they offer their freebies. I'm now getting copies of ebooks of paper books that I own. I love taking my ereader with me to the store. Never again will I forget an ingredient to a new, tasty recipe.

I LOVE my NOOK! It makes reading ebook so easy (sometimes it isn't so easy on the Kindle-not sure why but I couldn't find a table of contents on the Kindle.) There is a table of contents on the NOOK so I could quickly see all the recipes and go to the one that I wanted right away! Using an ereader isn't the same as pulling a book off the shelf but it comes pretty close! I"m also a huge fan of their new line of photos of every recipe. These cookbooks can be enjoyed with the paper copy and the NOOK color.

Gooseberry Patch has made a business out of collecting recipes from kitchen all across America and producing cookbooks chocked full of tasty recipes and helpful tips. Not every recipe is one that I would make but I love reading what other kitchen moms are making and trying. As with all cookbooks, being that a Gooseberry Patch or some other brand, I can almost always find something new to serve my family.

For this cookbook, I love looking at the variations of recipes that are already familiar with me. So for example, in this cookbook, a reader submitted Mom's Potato Salad. I'm a mom and I've been making potato salad since I was a kid. I don't even have my own written recipe for this salad because I make it different every time. That is why I appreciate reading another "Mom's Potato Salad" because now I have some new ideas to add to my ever so changing potato salad. The recipe in this book is mayonnaise based, red potato with a zing of horseradish. Bam! That is it. I'm going to add horseradish to my next batch of potato salad. See I found a new idea!

The recipes in this cookbook could easily be called Family Favorite Comfort Foods because that is what they are! Casseroles, fried chicken, baked spahgetti, apple pie (crustless), brownies and more! Pair any of their tasty mains with a healthy salad to balance out your menu that you serve your family. The book was full of such tips. I loved the "Spicy side" which instructed one to take frozen corn and stir in red roasted chilies, cumin, chili power and serrano chile. Yum!

I LOVED the chapter, "Keep these basic pantry items on hand &  you can whip up just about anything!" which is helpful for any kitchen.

True to their Gooseberry Patch style, this cookbook will fill your heart, home and family dinner plate with loving, tasty goodness! Thanks Gooseberry Patch.

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