Crock Pot Cranberry BBQ Chicken

This is one of our all time favorite crockpot chicken recipes. It is so easy and always turns out perfect for sandwiches, meat served as the main course, chicken nachos and more. I make this when company is coming over, too! If you need an easy chicken recipe this is it!

I first made this recipe when I had a bunch of left over fresh cranberries from Christmas. It isone of those crock pot meals that turned out even better than I had imagined.

Crockpot Cranberry BBQ Chicken


6 chicken breast
2 cups cranberries- fresh or frozen
1 large onion, sliced
2 cups wine (I used cranberry)


Add everything to crock pot. Cook on high 3 hours (or low for 5-6 hours) and then pull out chicken and shred it. Put back into crock pot and add any BBQ sauce of your choice. Cook for 1 more hour.

Kitchen Notes
We shred it to eat as BBQ sandwiches and nachos. You don't have to shred the chicken.  Serve with sides of your choice. Oh and we usually purchase Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

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