Cat attack of the Zhu Zhu Pet

This kitty became a member of our house on December 20th.  We had a Christmas Open House for friends.  He decided that he could come to the open house. He had follow the girls home a few weeks before the open house.  Since following the girls home he stalked our house every few days.  The girls had given him a name, Aslan.  I think once you name a stray it becomes yours.  So when he made himself known at the open house he became apart of our family.
The video is his first encounter with a Zhu Zhu pet!

Each Wednesday we will post something new about Aslan! If you like cats and have something to share please post! If you have a blog about cats let us know and we will come visit!


  1. Wow, It looked as if Aslan was scared of the zhu zhu at first! :)

  2. He was at first! The zhu zhu came charging after him! Now he attacks it and even finds it in my dh's room.


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