10 Ways to Get Fit After the Holidays for Homeschoolers

I think that it is time for these homeschoolers to get into shape now that the holidays are over! haha yeah right! Remember that your kids will not get into shape or get fit if you don't do it too! With kids it is more important to think of ways to get them having fun than saying "we need to exercise". 

Here are our top 10 ways to get our homeschoolers fit and to have fun!

1) Make sure that they do their morning workout! Don't let them skip putting on clothes.  A good morning workout out includes picking out clothes for the day and taking off the pjs! Don't stop there! Make sure they put their dirty clothes where they belong and even get doing the laundry!

2) Burn calories while brushing teeth!  Set a timer for 2 minutes, turn up the music and jam to tunes while brushing away the overnight grime and germs on the teeth! Depending on the music the muscles will get a good workout!  I think of this as endurance training!

3) Morning breakfast workout!  Get the kids in the kitchen pumping iron! Milk and OJ jugs are heavy and great for resistance training.

4) Time for school! Don't let your kids be sluggards! I know that they might want you to take them to school! Make them walk to school, the long way! haha 

5) During school time the kids might be in just one room all day! What a shame! Have school all over your home. Nothing like getting to those 10,000 daily steps by having class in every room of the house!  Get all the kids (and yourself) a pedometer.  Help them set goals as to how many steps they want to get in a day! You will just see them bursting with energy to meet their step goals!

6) PE time can be difficult for homeschoolers if the weather is bad!  Who really wants to go outside and play in the snow or rain???  Your kids do!  Let your homeschool get dressed for the weather (this burns a lot of calories) and go outside and play!  PE time is a great to walk the dog.  While the kids are outside you can break open the Wii and play some tennis!  The teacher needs a workout too!

7) Lunch time becomes active time!  Don't let your kids think that they can line up and get food! Have them in the kitchen making their own lunch!  I'm a lunch lady on strike! They are in charge of lunch! This is not only an active lunch hour but a mental lunch hour! They have to give their brain a workout and make yummy food!

8) Out of groceries?  Get those kids to the store! Look at all the muscle toning they can get going up and down the store aisles!  They can build muscle mass lifting, stooping, bending and reaching for food items!  Go to the self check out lane so they can work on their fine motor movements and pick up each item to scan and bag! Let them lift all the bags into the cart and load into the car!  This is a great time for them to look for people to  help in the parking lot.  Little old ladies love help loading groceries into their car! This will provide a bonus workout!

9) Healthy eating is key to getting fit!  Make sure you pick out healthy snacks to have at home for the kids to eat! Get them involved with menu planning for dinner too! Go to the library (walk to get in their step goals) and find books on healthy foods.  The library is also a great place to work on muscle fitness! Those books can be heavy! 

10) Get fit and have fun as a family!  If you have a Wii use it!  What a great way to play with your kids and get fit!  We do not have Wii Fit or EA Sports but would love one of them!  EA SPORTS says "Get inspired, get motivated and get active!"  If you don't have one either then use this time to play bowling, tennis,etc with your kids on the Wii.  Use whatever you have to have fun and get active! 

This blog post was inspired by a contest going on with  EA Sports and TwitterMoms. To enter, share your top ten tips for getting fit after the holidays. 5 entries will be randomly selected to win a copy of EA SPORTS Active™ Personal Trainer – the highest rated Wii™ fitness product to date for use on the Nintendo Wii system!
What are you doing to get your kids fit? Post and let me know! If you have something on your blog leave the link so I can visit!


  1. This post cracked me up. I think I might just have to copy it and put it on my fridge for my homeschoolers:) Great post!


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