Tuesday Top 5 ways I'm eating Healthier this week

Here are my Top 5 Ways that I'm doing to eat healthier this week!
(This fits in with The Happiness Project I started on Monday! Go check it out to win a copy of the book)

1) I'm reading the book, The Weight Loss Plan For Beating Diabetes and following it so far!

2) I'm staying away from sugar. I am using 1/2 the amount of coffee creamer this week.  I have to start somewhere! I don't like my coffee without sugar and creamer.  So I figure if I cut down the amount I'm using it will be better for me and I can still enjoy it!

3) I'm going to bake whole wheat bread this week using my Healthy Bread in 5 Min. a day book! That will cut down on the sugar too! I'm going to be baking and blogging so stay tuned! 4) I'm not going to snack on sugar. I am trying almonds this week as my snack.  I will add something new next week.

5) I am not going to use artificial sweetener.  I will drink my ice tea without sugar. It taste better.

6) Just added this! My friend is having a link up on her blog of healthy foods!  Here is the link  http://ow.ly/T40u! So part of me eating healthier is to find new recipes! Her tuna apple salad looks yummy and I'm going to make it tomorrow for lunch!

Are you doing anything healthier this week? If so post and let me know! If it is on your blog lmk and I'll come read it! 

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