The Happiness Project Mondays! *GIVEAWAY*

Happiness Project
ONE COPY TO BE GIVEN AWAY! Instructions at bottom!

Have you heard of The Happiness Project? Thanks to HarperCollins for giving me the book to read and review! This book is based on a calendar year.  Each month you are to focus on  topics/resolutions of your choice in an area that you want to be happier.  Take it monthly instead of setting a resolution for the entire year.  The author, Gretchen Rubin, pointed out that she asked herself what she wanted less of and what she wanted more of.  From this point she was able focus on what she wanted to do.  Sounds easy? Sounds crazy? Check out The Happiness Toolbox to get started!

 There is so much more to tell you about this book and this project!  I'll be posting every Monday as to what my resolution is and what I'm doing about it.  You can post any comments here or start doing this on your blog. You can also use The Happiness Project Toolbox to keep track of your resolutions!

My resolution for January is to eat healthier.  There will be more to this but for this week it means buying food that is healthier to eat and eating it.  

Here are my top 12 personal "commandments" to help me get through my resolution.  They are the same as The Happiness Project.  So to know more about them before I get to blogging them please check them out on the project blog.
1) Be Susan
2) Let it go
3) Act the way I want to feel
4) Do it now
5) Be polite and be fair
6) Enjoy the process
7) Spend out
8) Identify the problem
9) Lighten up
10) Do what ought to be done
11) No calculation
12) There is only love

GIVEAWAY 1 copy  USA/CA only!
1) To enter tell me about something that  makes you happy!
2) Blog about this giveaway 5 entires
3) Tweet the giveaway up to once a day! 5 entries
GIVEAWAY ENDS January 19th

To find out more about the book or buy it click below!

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