Sunday Food Makeover challenge Inside Out Tacos by Betty Crocker

Hello Sunday night readers!!  I'm starting a new  tradition to pick a recipe I found and give it a makeover! The makeover would be finding something that looks like my family would eat but tweak it to suit our taste.  I do this already but let's blog about it!

I want you to join in my Yummy Food Makeover Challenge!  Find a recipe and make it your own.  If you blog, take the button and put it with your post linking it back to my blog (IF you don't know how to do that, just ask and I'll tell you!) If you do the challenge come post on my blog the link to your post, I will check it out as well as others.  If this gets popular I'll had a link system.

You can blog the meal you want to makeover and then blog again once you've made the recipe.  Or you can just have one post showing the orginal recipe and then your makeover!  It is up to you! Either way include the button and let me know when you post.  This doesn't have to be done on Sunday but that is when I'm going to post the first part because I usually use Sunday to plan my weekly menu and shop on Mon or Tue.

Here is the recipe I'm going to make over.  I'm very intrigued by the Inside Out Taco idea.  I'm going to make it to suit my family.  Check back later in the week to see what I did!
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