The Happiness Project Mondays! *GIVEAWAY* with recipes

Another Monday is here and I'm reminding myself of my commitment to eat healthier.  I've made better purchases at the store to ensure that we are eating healthier.  I decided that once a week we will have a salad for dinner. I added that last week into our menu and  my girls said "it has been a long time since we had a salad". Shame on me! My problem is when the fresh veggies are no longer in abundance locally I don't buy salad produce in the store. We eat vegetables with our meals but not salad veggies.

Last week we had pork roast and I planned the next day to make a huge salad and have the pork roast to toss in the salad.  It worked great!
(click picture for pork roast recipe)
My family loves to eat some type of bread with their salad. So I took pita bread and lightly brushed with butter (You can also spray with PAM or brush with olive oil) and poured on the garlic powder.  I baked at 350 until the where crunchy outside/soft inside.  They were a huge hit and very cheap!
I'm still going to keep up with my healthier eating resolution and I added taking more time for others.  Sometimes we get in a big rush and we don't allow ourselves to take time to say HI to those around us. So I've made myself aware of this and want to do this for those around me and for myself.  The last thing I wanted to do this past week to make me happy was to redo my blog.  I searched the internet for a background that I loved and it was free.  It came with header options.  So I figured out how to edit the header to make it my own.  That was exciting.  Then I knew that I wanted the blog to be 3 columns. I searched until I found someone explaining it on a blog and I went into the HTML and changed it!!! Then I told myself If I can do these things then I can make my own button.  So I searched on how to make blog buttons and did that too!!!  Very happy!

I've had a super week! How about you???


  1. All your blog work looks great! You picked a great background.

  2. Thank you so much!!! Do you have a blog??? Thanks for stopping in!


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