The Happiness Project Mondays! *GIVEAWAY*

I made a resolution to participate in The Happiness Project!  Click here *The Happiness Project* to see my first post and enter to win a copy of this awesome book that ends January 19th.

My first resolution is to eat healthier!  I've had a great week of no junk! Just after a few days of not eating junk I knew I was feeling better.  I know that grabbing junk is quicker than eating healthy snacks if you don't plan ahead and keep things that are good for you to eat in your home.  I even lost weigh in the process. (Now that is Happiness!)  I'm also reading the book, The Weight Loss Plan For Beating Diabetes. I plan on writing a review of this book soon!

The biggest thing for me is eat and drink.  I often do not have an appetite.  In the morning I would have 1-2 cups of coffee and not eat until dinner time.  So throughout the day I would be grazing on chips or cookies,etc.  Some days I wouldn't even do that.  By dinner I'd get very hungry and overload on carbs.   Last week I ate 3 meals a day and the only snack that I allow myself were almonds.   I drank water or unsweetened tea and still had my 1 cup of coffee in the morning. 

So what did I eat that was healthier?

I made and ate oatmeal, boiled eggs or scrambled eggs in the mornings. I added craisins to the oatmeal.  The scrambled eggs I added fresh spinach! 

Salads, tuna salad and chicken spinach wraps.

Two of the meals were Rotisserie Chicken and Homemade pizza night! The pizza crust was made using Healthy Bread in Fife Minutes book.  

So for the next week I'm keeping this resolution to eat healthier!  What resolutions have you made?

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